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The Road to Hope Membership Applications Open July 1st.

Current returning members (renewing) will need to login to the website with your username and password. After logging in click on your name and proceed to edit your membership profile and renewal process.

Membership Applications for the Virginia Division

There are several Membership Applications please read the details below and select the application that pertains to you.

1. Active Member - For members transferring from the PA Division to the VA Division * Now Closed

2. LEU Ambassador- For any new member that does not want to participate in the bicycle ride, but work with LEU to advocate and fundraise for our mission.

3. Medics - Requires Pre-Approval from LEU Medic Team Coordinator, Venita Baker ([email protected])

4. Motor Escort- Requires Pre-Approval from LEU Motor Escort Coordinator Julie Smith ([email protected])

5. New Member (Rider)- For anyone new to LEU that is eligible to participate as a Bicycle Rider * Now Closed 

6. New Member (Support Team)- For anyone new to LEU that is eligible to participate as a Support Team Member * Now Closed

 *** As of 7/17/14 the Virginia Division is now closed to new members*** If you would still like to participate you can

1. Sign up for our PA Division Road to Hope (

2. Add your name to the waiting list below

 Questions: Nicole Chadwick [email protected]


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